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Meit Kamdar Avlanii recounts his journey into the world of designing jewelry. No stranger to jewelry since childhood, he traces his earliest memories of having spent younger years with the matriarchs of his family, and his fascination over the process of selecting jewelry. He watched the matriarchs go back and forth with the family jeweler or the ‘babu’ – this process always brought him immense joy, oblivious then that this would play a formidable part in the next chapters of his life and steer him towards his present reality.

The Designer: About Us

At the age of 21, he graduated with a business degree. But never once did he relinquish his intrinsic fondness and passion for art, design and jewelry. Yearning to make a difference, he joined his family business of textiles and in time, a great many other trades – but he was never fully able to quell his need to do something creative. Standing at crossroads and assessing his purpose in life, he was met with a piquant dilemma of finally choosing a path that would eventually lead him to ‘create’, to find motivation in work that would will him into quenching his passion in life. The following words of wisdom brought winds of change and have since rung in his ears: “Choose your work which is your passion in life, make that passion your purpose in life, with your purpose identified – you will never work a day in life.” These words helped him shape his creative desire and identify his biggest strength from an array of skills, acquired and inherent. The answer to his professional and personal need to fill the creative gap lay plainly in sight, And thus he embarked upon a journey to follow his passion and love for jewelry.

The Designer: About Us

Founded on the principles of individuality, creativity and artistry – every piece of jewelry from the Atelier Meit Kamdar Avlanii carries a unique identity narrating a purposeful and a salient tale. The  penchant for refinement, elusiveness and the yearning for innovation define the authentic pieces at the Atelier. The Atelier pays homage to creative innovations through the art of transformation, naturally translating into the finesse with which these exceptional designs are made. The Atelier remains dignified and unique with the sole purpose to serve to its clientele with exquisite-beautifully crafted pieces of jewelry.

The Designer: About Us
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